Grain dryers

ID Dimensional drawing
A10-0010-202104 Plantaasi dryers
A10-0020-202104 Special dryers
A10-0030-202104 Magnum dryers
A10-0040-202104 Farmi dryers
A10-0051-202011 SW mobile dryers (without bottom conveyor)
A10-0052-202011 SW mobile dryers (with bottom conveyor)
A10-0060-202104 MW mobile dryers
A10-0070-202104 Compact dryers
A10-0080-202011 Tandem double dryers
A10-0001-202102 Dryer base legs

Heat sources

ID Dimensional drawing
A20-0010-202012 Overpressure heaters
A20-0020-202010 Vacuum heaters
A20-0030-202010 Pre-heater
A20-0040-202010 EcoHeater


ID Dimensional drawing
A30-0010-202010 Elevators
A30-0020-202010 Elevator cups and belts
JEMA T44/T45 intake conveyors
JEMA T49/T57 horizontal conveyors
A30-0050-202104 Tipping hopper
JEMA DRY PIT intake hopper

Dust removal and cleaning

ID Dimensional drawing
A40-0010-202010 Pre-cleaners A200 / A250
A40-0015-202104 Pre-cleaner A150
A40-0020-202010 Seed Cleaner
A40-0025-202010 WiSDOM Seed Cleaner
A40-0030-202104 Cyclones
A40-0040-202010 Sorter


ID Dimensional drawing
A70-0048-202010 Grain bin Ø4,8m
A70-0056-202010 Grain bin Ø5,6m
A70-0064-202010 Grain bin Ø6,4m
A70-0072-202010 Grain bin Ø7,2m
A70-0100-202102 Steel hopper bottoms