High quality and affordable Arska grain bins are solution to your storing problems

Inside Arska grain bin’s tight walls the grain is safe from wind, blizzards and rodents. Modern bins are affordable and easy to to mount.

Grain bins have been designed to meet the requirements of modern grain storage down to the smallest details. Bins are suitable for storage of all types of grain.

Grain bins are delivered as a ready setup package. All necessary equipment from bolts and nuts to sealant are included.

Easy to assemble, quick to setup

Strong, roll formed wall elements are easy to attach to each other with bolt joints. Supporting wall raises rapidly. There’s no need for special tools, but the whole setup can be done by yourself. It’s most suitable to locate the bins near dryer or forage handling area, so you can use existing machinery for filling and discharging.

Planning the base casting made before setup you should pay attention to the convenient emptying. V-shaped base decreases the shoveling to minimum and the bin discharges nearly down to the last grain with an auger. Other base solutions can be made within the limits of the ground.