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Pre-cleaners Seed cleaners Cyklone Grain sorter



Pre-cleaner efficiently removes trash, dust, chaff, small grains and other impurities from the grain. Equipment stays pure and drying is more perfect. According to the model of the pre-cleaner, it’s installed to the dryer’s cover or on the top part of the elevator - to both when wanted the best results, when there are two pre-cleaners working on the machinery at the same time.

Pre-cleaner A150 (to elevator) A200 (to dryer cover) A250 (to dryer cover)
Crop pipe [Ø mm] - 160 200
Trash pipe [Ø mm] 160 200 200
Motor [kW] 0.75 1.5 2.2
Elevator recommendation [t / h] 68 / 92 / 118 68 92 / 118

Dimensional drawings