Grain dryers

Economical and efficient grain drying The basis for designing dryers is to achieve energy-efficient drying, a reliable and easy-to-use machinery as well as durable and versatile structure. All Arska dryers consist of the same components. Four basic models (Plantaasi, Special, Magnum and Farmi) are used in stationary and mobile dryers.   Read more »


Designing the structures and details of the Arska dryers, we paid attention to costs of drying and the quality of the outcome. The best features of the dryers can be found beneath the surface and there’s a lot of details. Our products have been developed based on the feedback received from farmers over many decades […] Read more »

SW mobile dryers

SW mobile dryers have more power without the bottom conveyor SW mobile dryer is cost-effective, quickly assembled and easy to move from one place to another. Machinery is a Magnum model. Arska-SW is the first mobile dryer on the market which works without bottom conveyor! Structure allows the elevator to provide full discharge power. Also […] Read more »

MW mobile dryers

MW mobile dryer is equipped with efficient vacuum heater Designed for large harvest areas, MW mobile dryers are equipped with energy efficient vacuum heater and also with powerful and gentle JEMA bottom conveyor. Highly efficient centrifugal or axial fans ensure that the drying is cost-effective. Machinery is a Farmi-Magnum model. Read more »