New Arska Quality Hay dryer for easy and cost-effective hay drying

Hay is the most important feed for the horse and the basis for a healthy, balanced diet. So it does matter what kind of hay your horse eats daily! With innovative Arska Quality Hay you can dry hay before feeding in the stable, as much or little as you need.

High-quality dry hay for stables

Hay dryer is fast, quiet and cost-effective solution, which always gives the stable the right amount of dry hay. Ready-to-use container dryer makes hay drying easy and cost-effective. Dried hay can also be stored in the dryer. The system provides the flexibility to harvesting and pre-dried hay has often better and higher nutritional values than dry hay.

Automated drying and humidity measurement is available as an option on the hay dryer. The installation position of the fan (power 2,2kW) and exhaust pipes can be changed.